Vasilis Michou is a product & interior designer  based in Nice, France. He approaches his projects holistically, and tries to achieve simplicity in its form and function.

He was born and raised in Preveza, Greece. He studied Product and Systems Design Engineering on Syros island, Greece at the University of the Aegean. He was cofounder and designer at KYKLOS creative studio (2013-2015), based on Syros island, Greece, and maker of his own ceramic objects at VASILIS MICHOU ceramics. Now he works as a freelance product designer, collaborating with companies in Greece and seeks to embroaden his collaborations in France and hopefully with firms based through out the rest of the world.


Exposition “Theule Invite les Ceramistes de Vallauris”, Centre Coulturel, Théoule Sur Mer, France,  May  2017 (Unité)

Exposition Jeunes Createurs 2016 – Ecole Municipale Beaux Arts Céramique , Espace Grandjean Vallauris, France May 2016 (Unité)

TEDX Academy 2014 “The future we share through a young designer’s mind” Athens 2014 (Senior friendly vacuum cleaner)

Benaki Museum “Gastronomy Days “Athens 2014 (Chimney)

Benaki Museum “Gastronomy Days “Athens 2014 (Sweets Box)

TEDx Academy 2013 “Discover Exhibition” Athens 2013 (Trust Bike)

Design Lab Show Athens 2012 ( Trust Bike)

Athens Bike Festival 2011, (Trust bike)