KATA is a beach game developed for TERRA Nation (www. terra-nation.gr), inspired by the popular game “name, place, animal, thing”. It is a dice game that requires knowledge, speed and imagination. It is Ideal for the beach environment but can also be used at any other setting.
The idea is simple. Firstly, throw the pair of dice and call out the action prescribed by the first dice in the way prescribed by the second one. The challenge is to be the fastest to find a word and say /present it the correct way.
The game offers multiple alternatives so that you can discover your preferred one. It can be played by two or more people, in teams or with everyone competing against each other and of course KATA can be turned into a family activity. It also offers the choice to play the dice separately depending on the preferred level of difficulty. 
Both its small size and the simplicity of the rules are key features in order for the KATA to be easily transported and played at any location. All you need is good company!
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